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Here are a list of resources where I purchase my materials and tools for the Distant Drums Rose Online Course.

*Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, where if you purchase something via the links, I’ll receive a small commission that won’t cost you anything, but does help me with the cost of using this online course platform*


Lilac/Lavender Doublette Crepe Paper (via The Paper Place)

White/Peach Doublette Crepe Paper (via The Paper Place)

Leaf/Moss Doublette Crepe Paper (via The Paper Place)

Fern/Moss Doublette Crepe Paper (via Lia Griffith Media)

180 g Italian Crepe Paper in Goldenrod (via The Paper Place)

180 g Italian Crepe Paper in Goldenrod (#576) (via Carti Fini)

180 g Italian Crepe Paper in Goldenrod (#576) (via Cartotecnica Rossi)


**There are a few other American stores that sell doublette crepe paper such as Rose Mille and Castle in the Air, or online stores such as Artifact Supply Co. and Paper Flowers Supplies.



Fern/Moss Colours (via

Moss Colour (via Lia Griffith Media)

Light Green Colour (via Golda’s Kitchen)



18 gauge (via Golda’s Kitchen)

18 gauge (via Michaels)

20 gauge (via Golda’s Kitchen)

20 gauge (via Michaels)


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