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Since my last blog post, I’ve finished 2 additional weddings, bought a new home, packed & moved, sold my old place, disclocated my ankle, and temporarily moved in with my parents while my husband is on away on a work trip. It’s been just go go go and in the last week, surreal. I’ve had countless ankle injuries in my short 34 years of life (most were sustained when I was playing competitive soccer as a teen), and the loose ankle and ligaments have caught up to me. I mean, a ball was kicked onto my foot and my foot flew to the left of my ankle shin. Gross? Yeah. Broken? Nope. Still messed up? Totally. Even the paramedics thought I had broken my foot because of how it looked. The fortunate thing is that I didn’t break anything, yet it doesn’t mean my ankle is any less damaged. Anyhoo, so I’ve been stuck sitting a lot.I don’t have my crepe paper or scissors with me (they’re still in boxes after the move) so it’s turned into a mini-break for me. I’ve been catching up on my emails, calls, and sleep. And thinking. Thinking about how I might have to retire from playing soccer. Thinking about how I am going to possibly take Baby T with me to my friend’s baby shower without help. And generally thinking about how it sucks to be so dependent on others.

Before my ankle incident, I did send off some emails. A few days ago this Wednesday, the result of the first email appeared in a blog post on Work It Social. Work It Social is a Toronto-based digital marketing agency and they’ve been featuring local brands on their Work It Wednesday blog posts. If you’re interested, you can read my little feature here. I actually had a lot of fun answering all those questions and I really had to do a lot of reflection.

I’m hoping that I’ll be back on my feet and creating paper flowers and new content soon, hopefully when Warren returns from his work trip. I hope. In any event, I’ll post again once my other feature – which is about this beauty at the top – appears in the upcoming weeks. The photos I have of this bouquet are just GLORIOUS!! Can’t wait!

xoxo – Jessie

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