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Today's technology allows me to reach you even if you can't make my workshops in person! You can find some of the flowers I've taught at my workshops as well as other flowers that I love making and teaching, right here on this page. Under each flower is a description of what you can expect to learn from me and how you can access the learning experience with me. Come bloom with me! 


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Business: A Creative’s Guide to Selling on Etsy

Online Course | Purchase on Teachable

Join me, Quynh Nguyen of Pink and Posey, and Priscilla Park of Sophia and Rose Collective in this 10-week mini-course is designed to teach you how to use the Etsy platform to sell your creative goods in the handmade marketplace, make money from your creative hobby, reach a broader customer base, and if you already have an Etsy shop, maximize your profit line.

You do not have to have an Etsy shop when you take this course! Watch and learn at your own pace.

This link will bring you to The Paper Florists Collective Teachable school.

Flower: Foxgloves

Online Course | Purchase on Teachable

Ideal for Intermediate students (or students with previous experience making paper flowers).

In this course, you will learn how I make amazingly realistic-looking common foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) at your own time and pace. I first teach you the basics of how I make my white version ‘Dalmatian White’ from template to assembly. Then, I’ll show you how I make 2 other versions using this general formula: the ‘Camelot Rose’ foxglove and the ‘Apricot Beauty’ foxglove.

You’ll learn and perfect the following skills and techniques:

  • The basic formula to make my 'Dalmatian White' Foxgloves
  • 2 additional variations of foxgloves, namely, the 'Camelot Rose' and 'Apricot Beauty'
  • Using colour to imitate the stages of progression from bud to maturity;
  • Creating buds and blooms in different sizes to mimic the stages of maturity;
  • Creating realistic petal details using tools you already have or can easily access;
  • Assembling the buds and blooms in a natural spire shape.

I’ve taught this flower at a workshop, thus I’ve been able to perfect the formula so that every student, beginners or intermediate or advanced, will end up with stunning results within a few hours. If you wish to add more details to the flower after you’ve learned it from me - sure, feel free to do so! Variations create interest in arrangements and your paper garden.

The first foxglove I made was for one of my earliest bouquets. I had originally sought to use it to elongate the shape of the bouquet. But it refused to be just a structural piece. It became the star of that bouquet. I promise you that with a little patience and an afternoon free of distractions you’ll make a foxglove worthy of your paper arrangements and garden.

Flower: Distant Drums Rose

Online Course | Purchase on Teachable

Ideal for Intermediate students (or students with previous experience making paper flowers)

In this course, you will learn my unique technique of creating a stamen that would allow the petals to swirl organically outwards from the flower centre. You will also learn the trick to rose petal placement - the trickiest part of making a floribunda rose - so that the petals look naturally placed, yet deliberate.

Some of the other skills and techniques you will learn:

  • To make a fringed stamen
  • To colour your stamen with a common seasoning
  • To reduce bulk on the stems
  • To manipulate petals so they look natural
  • To tint the petals
  • To create a generic leaf stem for roses

This was one of my breakthrough flowers. While designing and creating this flower, I discovered techniques that elevated my paper floral artistry. I've been able to transfer many of the skills I learned from designing this flower to other types of roses and flowers. This might be the breakthrough flower for you too!

Flower: Wild Roses

Online Course | Purchase on Teachable

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There are so many types of wild roses, and some of them are native to the prairie provinces. This is only my interpretation of this flowering shrub, which come in white, yellows, and pinks.

Here's what you'll learn from this course. I teach basic paper flower making techniques, but not without adding in some special touches. You'll learn:

  • How to make a simple pistil using floral tape

  • How to make a stamen and create the pollen from pastels

  • How to cut petals and colour them for detail

  • How to manipulate the flower petals to look real

  • How to assemble the petals to the stem to create a "perpetual overlap" of naturally-looking petals

  • How to make a standard flower or rose leaf stem

This course is perfect for Beginners. Intermediates and Advanced paper florists and/or crafters will also find this course helpful and insightful.

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