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I consider paper floral making as a form of fine art. Each and every paper floral I design is intricately crafted with love and care. I believe that paper floral art is worth the investment: it can capture a feeling or a moment in time for years to come. 

I am very much an observer of the natural environment: how a climbing vines wrap their arms around their neighbours; how small wild flowers hover like butterflies over the meadow; how cut blooms can droop out of water. My artistic aesthetic is very much garden-inspired, with abundant foliage and blooms, thoughtful textural elements and flowy, organic, non-traditional shapes.

I believe in making every paper flower by my own two hands. Using various weights of crepe paper from Germany, Italy, and China, I often take the extra step of dying or painting the paper myself to achieve the ideal colour, texture, and depth for each and every paper flower. I also use non-paper materials when the design calls for them.

I Make Custom Designs to Order

Currently, I offer custom designs and commissions for all my special clients. Since every design is bespoke, the planning process is also unique with each client.

I start with an initial discussion with you to determine a timeline and plan. I understand that timing is a priority for all my clients, however, I may decide not to take on a client’s commission and/or custom order if I feel that I cannot provide delivery within the required time frame due to the labour intensive nature of paper floral art. I asked that any inquiries for commissioned and/or custom orders (that are in large numbers) be made at last 12 weeks in advance of the expected delivery date. 

Pricing is determined only once you and I have confirmed the materials being used, the labour involved, and any installation and/or travelling. If the items require shipping, I can provide you with a quote at the time of our initial discussion, to be confirmed and paid at the time of delivery.


I regularly instruct workshops on paper flower making in the Greater Toronto Area. Sign up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date about upcoming workshops and posts. Check out Workshops.

Online Courses

If you are interested in learning how to make ultra-realistic paper florals, I offer online courses available for free or purchase on my blog or via Teachable. Check out Courses.

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